Planners North

Our focus is to combine our technical expertise and experience with strong project partnerships and dedicated team work to deliver solutions to sometimes complex challenges.

Town Planning

PLANNERS NORTH, established in 1986, provides robust, personalised and client focused advice.

Impact Assessment

Getting Ecological, Economic and Social Impact Assessment right through rigorous examination; blending site planning with externalities and always pushing for a sustainable conclusion.


Meeting the rigors of statutory planning regimes with astute selection of appropriate specialists and interpreting technical reporting to coalesce site planning towards an optimum outcome.

Public Policy

Urban structure masterplanning, ecological management, business and policy planning from the local scale to regional planning.

Expert Testimony

When town planning questions require adjudication by an independent Court, we are well-versed in the preparation and delivery of expert opinions.

Due Diligence

Constraints and opportunities analysis to help clients truly determine the realistic development potential of a site.