Barrio Outdoor Space Extension

Social Impact Assessment Consultation required by Byron Shire DCP Chapter B12 – Social Impact Assessment for

Barrio outdoor space, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay

PLANNERS NORTH has been engaged by Bayshore Developments Pty Ltd to prepare a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) to accompany a Development Application for consideration by Byron Shire Council in regard to premises at Habitat, being land described as Lot 2 DP 71119, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay.

What is the Proposal?

The development proposal is to increase the external dining area of Barrio to largely encompass the entire commercial precinct courtyard. No change is proposed to the currently approved 216 patron limit for the café. The below plan illustrates the extent of the proposed dining area.

Barrio Outdoor Space Proposed Works

What is the extent of the proposed licensed area?

The below plan illustrates the extent of the existing and the proposed licensed area.

Barrio Proposed Licensing Plan

Who is the propsal for?

The Barrio Outdoor Space is intended to provide outdoor dining adjacent to the café. It will primarily service the needs of workers and residents of Habitat but will also serve local Sunrise Beach Estate residents as well as people working in the Arts and Industry Estate.

What are the proposed opening hours?

The expanded Outdoor Space is intended to be utilised in association with the Barrio Café and will operate during the same hours as the Café.

Barrio is approved for use as a Café/Restaurant under Development Approval DA 2015/353 and DA 2017/437 and currently Barrio operates:

•              Monday to Saturday 7am to 10:30pm

•              Closed Sundays

With respect to the licensed premises use of the outdoor space, it is proposed to extend the existing Barrio restaurant approval to include the whole of the Barrio outdoor space.  The hours of operation (10am – 10pm) and other conditions relevant to the existing license are proposed to be retained.

What are the approved maximum opening hours at HABITAT?

The opening hours of the various land uses contained within the development are limited to those provided below;

•              Commercial and Retail areas within Buildings B1 and C1 – CS: daylight hours.

•              Creative Industry uses within Buildings LW1-1, LW1-2 & LW1-3: daylight hours.

•              Office uses within Dwelling Types A 1, A2 & AS: daylight hours.

•              Workspace uses within Dwelling Types D4, DSA, D?A, DB, DBB & D9: daylight hours.

•              Barrio: daylight hours until midnight.

•              Recreation facilities: 6am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.

What is the difference between “operating hours” and “opening hours”?

“Opening hours” means the time that the premises can accept customers. This control does not limit quiet work within a premise at any time. “Hours of operation” means the time that any activity can be carried out with within a premise. The consent for the 1st Stage of HABITAT originally specified Hours of operation. Later the Council amended the consent to refer to Opening hours.

What is the extent of the current approval?

The plan below shows the plan, as approved, of the Barrio café and its outdoor area. We have coloured what we regard as the extent of the approved café use.

Barrio DA plan

With the Construction Certificate approval the landscaping of the outdoor space changed. The plan below shows our opinion regarding the extent of the approved café use post Construction Certificate approval.

Existing Plan

Why does the developer need to do a Social Impact Assessment?

The requirement for the Social Impact Assessment is triggered by Clause B12.1.3(2)(m) – Licensed Restaurants, of Byron Shire Development Control Plan Chapter B12.

What other changes are proposed with the Development Application shortly to be lodged?

The Development Consent is proposed to be sought for alterations to the existing Habitat Commercial Precinct entailing:

  • •              an expansion of the dining area of Barrio to include the outdoor, grassed quadrangle;
  • •              Provide acoustic barrier (doubling as storage area) at the rear of Barrio to address refrigeration condenser noise and to provide additional storage; 
  • •              Better control delivery access to Penny Lane with the installation of a keypad entry security gate;
  • •              Review delivery restrictions with a view to setting deliveries from 6.30am or 7am daily (currently from 8am); and
  • •              make alterations to the opening hours of the ground floor premises in the commercial precinct to 8pm

Where can I see the plans and talk to someone about this proposal?

To ensure that people in the neighbourhood have a full understanding of the proposal before we lodge it with Council, we are conducting an “Open Day”.  The plans, reports and the like applicable to the proposal will be available for inspection between 8:00am and 6pm on Thursday 13th June at The Large Meeting Room in HABITAT Building T2. Personal associated the preparation of the application will be on hand to answer any questions and hear your concerns.

In the event that you are not able to come along to the Open Day, please feel free to telephone us and make an appointment for a one-on-one session to review the proposal and provide your comments. Please email or telephone 1300 66 00 87 to arrange an appointment.