North Sapphire Beach

PLANNERS NORTH assisted Sapphire Beach Properties Pty Ltd to master plan  “North Sapphire Beach”. The Master Plan was approved in December 2004. The multi awarding Plan strove to build upon the specialness of this land and locality and build a true “village community by the sea”.  The master plan:

  • Establishes a strong sense of community and place to foster “village community”;
  • Puts in place a range of conservation initiatives to protect flora and fauna;
  • Sets aside in perpetuity land in the central portion of the site around the 7(a) zoned wetlands for Aboriginal heritage reserves and proposes a Cultural Heritage Management Plan;north sapphire slice2
  • Adopts site master planning principles modelled on the guidelines published by the Coastal Council;
  • Uses natural materials that reflect coastal, bushland and subtle indigenous cultural themes;
  • Provides for an extensive variety of housing including detached houses, integrated housing and duplex arrangements;
  • Integrates with the existing landscape character of the locality;
  • Provides for road access and circulation which recognises the street hierarchy, separates pedestrian and vehicular traffic and provides for a “slow movement environment”;
  • Adopts water conservation and reuse principles of Water Sensitive Urban Design including site specific reuse proposals;
  • Provides for a safe pedestrian and cycleway system;
  • Develops site specific building envelopes and building form controls to guide the future development of the site; and
  • Provides open space which conserves areas of important vegetation and archaeological significance and other provides for passive recreational uses,

The project is being implemented today by the Walker Corporation.

Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
2004 to 2010
Sapphire Beach Properties Pty Ltd (ACN 105 819 958)

PLANNERS NORTH, Town Planners, Northern Rivers, NSW