Streetscape Strategy – Lismore Centre Business District

This work involved planning to upgrade the streetscape of Lismore‚Äôs traditional retail precinct and to create a more attractive pedestrian environment. We addressed the issues of pedestrian space, providing a civic focus for the city, on-street parking provision and arrangement, traffic management, street planting themes, surface treatments and street furniture. The project also included a Streetscape Strategy Plan for the whole of the Lismore CBD area and a larger scale master plan focusing on the main retail block of the city. These plans were the subject of extensive community consultation.

The second phase of this project involved the preparation of detailed design development drawings and construction documentation. There was consultation with numerous special interest groups and stakeholders in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of all issues and concerns relating to the implementation of the adopted master plan.

Location – Lismore, NSW, Australia
Year – 1991 to 2001
Client – Lismore City Council
PLANNERS NORTH, Town Planners, New South Wales