Subdivision Works Certificates

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For some development consents granted on 1 December 2019 a ‘Subdivisions Works Certificate’ (SWC) will need to be obtained instead of and/or in addition to a Construction Certificate (CC). Currently a CC is utilised for both building work and subdivision… Read more

A Sharing Economy

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Airbnb is part of the “sharing economy” and is doing a great job disrupting the hotel industry and providing an occasional income source to many home owners. However, some people are concerned that the majority of Airbnb listings in most… Read more

Historic approvals

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We are sometimes asked “what effect does an old Local Government Act approval have under a modern Local Environmental Plan”. This post outlines the general planning law mumbo jumbo, as we understand it, applicable to this situation.Historic building approvals establish… Read more

North Coast Regional Plan

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In June 2016 the Department of Planning exhibited its Draft North Coast Regional Pan.  The goals of the plan included the protection of the environment and to provide places for vibrant communities meeting the changing demographic needs of the north… Read more

Byron Shire Rural Land Use Strategy

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In May 2016 Byron Shire Council Exhibited its Draft Rural Land Use Strategy.  The Draft Strategy proposed a 20 year strategic framework to guide future land zoning protection and development.  The Strategy contained a vision, policy directions and corresponding set… Read more

Ballina Major Regional Centre Strategy

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In early 2016 Ballina Shire Council adopted its Ballina 2035 aspirational blueprint to advance and consolidate Ballina as a major regional centre on the NSW North Coast.  In association with the finalisation of the Strategy, Council established an Industry Peer… Read more

Environmental Planning

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The 30 Second Explanation Before September 1980 planning only related to the physical environment.  When the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act commenced the term “environment ” was expanded to included “all aspects of the surroundings of humans, whether affecting any… Read more

Design with Nature

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 The 30 Second Explanation In 1969 Ian L. McHarg published, Design with Nature.  This classic town planning book was essentially a step-by-step graphic overlay style instruction manual about how to access a region (big or small), in physical planning terms,… Read more